Puerto Rican artist Pepón Osorio will receive important recognition

The Museo del Barrio will honor artist Pepón Osorio with the Excellence in the Arts Award on May 23. Here is the news from El Nuevo Día.

Puerto Rican visual artist Pepón Osorio, based in Philadelphia, will be recognized with the Excellence in the Arts award during La Primavera Dinner, an intimate fundraising event by El Museo del Barrio, to be held next Monday, 23 May, at Le Bernardin Privé, in New York.

“The Museum and I have a reciprocal relationship; over the years we have seen each other grow and exceed our mutual expectations. I am honored to be recognized by the museum that supported me during the early stages of my career,” Osorio responded in an email, in which he highlighted the work the institution does with Latino artists.

“The Museum has always been a home for Latino artists, embracing our visions, often when mainstream institutions have been slow to appreciate our work. Thank you for the vital work you do,” said the artist, whose artistic work derives from his social commitment, and from studying and knowing the social problems of a community to turn it into an installation “that serves as a mirror in which we can all see ourselves.”

In fact, the artist’s work is characterized by large-scale pieces that contextualize the community in which they were created and where he critically addresses issues such as social justice and race, among others. Furthermore, he is known for his provocative, large-scale installations that fuse conceptual art and community dynamics—a work with an explosive and elegant visual language, in which he challenges the traditional canons of art, with monumental montages of great textural richness that go beyond accepted notions of beauty and aesthetics.

According to the information provided, the dinner will feature the music of legendary guitarist Nelson González, and attendees are asked to respect the “Más es Más” [More is More] dress code, inspired by “Osorio’s exuberant artistic aesthetic, in which more is always more, and unequivocally, always celebrates Latino culture.”

This event provides fundamental support for the museum’s mission “and to increase the knowledge and relevance of Latin American and Latino art and culture at the local, national, and international levels.”

Translated by Ivette Romero. For full article (in Spanish), see https://www.elnuevodia.com/entretenimiento/cultura/notas/el-artista-puertorriqueno-pepon-osorio-recibira-importante-reconocimiento/

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