The Wedding Portraits Rotterdam Team—Joan Howldar, Henna de Miranda, Lucia Nankoe, Astrid Waltmans—invite the public to participate in “Wedding Portraits,” the Surinamese photo and story exhibition show on May 28, 2022.

We celebrate all mixed relationships in the ‘Verhalenhuis’ with a (wedding) photo and story show and an authentic Surinamese wedding buffet for lunch or dinner. More than 15 families will join to tell the story of their ancestors!

Lucia Nankoe is the initiator of the book Trouwportretten. Surinaamse voorouders in beeld. Album 1846-1950 [Wedding Portraits, Surinamese ancestors – in the picture’- 1846-1950]. It has become, a large family album in which descendants of nearly a hundred married couples tell their personal story through their wedding photo. You will acquaint yourself with their shared stories through the photos, as well as aspects of Surinamese society in important phases of its history. Furthermore, you will learn that ethnic or religious differences between people in intimate relationships usually become irrelevant.

Date and times: Saturday, May 28, 2022. There are 4 shows including a meal buffet. You can choose different time slots. The day starts at 11am and ends at 11pm. There is Surinamese food and there is music. After the reserved period, people can go to the terrace or the park along the river Maas with a snack and a drink to continue the conversation.

Booking details: The entrance is free. An extensive Surinamese (wedding) buffet costs €15 per person, drinks and snacks not included. Reservations are necessary and can be made via this link.    You can also call (+310)10 720 0997 and clearly state the name, telephone number and time period for the reservation.

About the photo storybook Wedding Portraits: The book Trouwportretten. Surinaamse voorouders in beeld. Album 1846-1950 (Wedding portraits, Surinamese ancestors in the picture); Lucia Nankoe concept; editors Lucia Nankoe, Gerard Sweep, Jean Jacques Vrij; design Karel J. Berkhout; richly illustrated with over 130 photos,  is for sale on site; signed copies available. Lucia Nankoe explains that the book and the exhibition illustrates how people from multiple and mixed backgrounds have come together in Suriname, from Africa, China, the Netherlands, India, Indonesia, among others. “It wasn’t easy, but manageable. You see an amalgamation of all kinds of connections that came about in Suriname, resulting from emigration and colonization.”

About the buffet and the guest chefs in the ‘Volkskeuken’: Especially for this occasion, guest chefs Dylan Amatsahip and Donovan Liauw Joem Sim (from Suriname) will prepare a wedding buffet with the most delicious dishes from Surinamese cuisine, including peanut soup, pom, pastries with pickles, rice, vegetables, bojo. There is also homemade ginger beer and orgeade. Dylan and Donovan study at the Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management in Rotterdam and occasionally cook with great passion and love in the Volkskeuken of Verhalenhuis Belvédère. Donovan’s parents ran the well-known sandwich shop in Paramaribo, “Lindotaria” on Vaillantsplein.

We look forward to welcoming you on May 28!

The Team Wedding Portraits Rotterdam (Joan Howldar, Henna de Miranda, Lucia Nankoe, Astrid Waltmans)

[Photo above: Swart-Brudet couple.]

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