Juan Luis Guerra New Music Video: Watch ‘Tus Besos’ Directed By His Son Jean Gabriel Guerra


This article by María G. Valdez appeared in The Latin Times.

A little over a week ago, the world was blessed with a brand new Juan Luis Guerra song. The Dominican singer, songwriter, composer and producer released a fresh new tune that is set to make us dance and feel in love. “Tus Besos” not only appealed to the Dominican fans, but it became an instant hit internationally, opening at number 5 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay, the highest debut of Guerra’s 25-year charting career. It also debuted at number 3 in the Tropical Digital Songs chart and number 13 on Latin Digital Songs.

To give us even more than what we were expecting, Guerra debuted the respective music video, directed by his son, Jean Gabriel Guerra, who has become a well-known and respected director in the Dominican Republic, premiering his first short “A Tiro Limpio” in 2013, and contributing in other local feature films. Jean Gabriel has worked with his father in previous music videos such as “La Calle” featuring Juanes, and “Esto Es Vida” with Draco Rosa.

In this video, father and son transport us to the late 1950s, which is easy to do since this “bachata con inspiración,” as Juan Luis calls it, could also be a “bachata con swing,” literally, since the music has some elements of swing as a genre. Juan Luis and his band, 440, serve as the background of a love story that’s cooking, but their music is the main ingredient for the two protagonists to get together. The casting selection was impeccable, the dancers didn’t feel like too much, and although love stories in diners these days could be a little cliché, this video feel like a whole new thing that is worth watching since it’s very sweet and refreshing, with quality acting and of course, incomparable music from the great Juan Luis Guerra and 440.

For the original report go to http://www.latintimes.com/juan-luis-guerra-new-music-video-watch-tus-besos-directed-his-son-jean-gabriel-guerra-206856

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