National Dish of Each Caribbean Island

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention, but I resent it. The article made me homesick and hungry, such a bad combination. On another note, I just realized is that Puerto Rico has a similar word to fungee; in the countryside, this cornmeal dish is called funche.] Tasteeful Recipes shares specialties from the Caribbean:

 Anguilla: Pigeon peas & Rice—Just like other Caribbean islands, Anguillans consume a good amount of rice. So it is no secret that their national dish would be pigeon peas and rice. Whether the rice may be yellow or white, it is loved by all Anguillans.

Antigua & Barbuda: Fungee & Pepperpot—Fungee is a cornmeal based dish which is served with pepperpot. Although this dish may sound familiar to the Guyanese dish, Antiguan pepperpot is different in taste and look.

Aruba: Keshi Yena—Not only is this island beautiful but it has a beautiful culture and language. Keshi Yuna is the national dish of this island. If you are a cheese lover then you will love Keshi Yuna. It is a cheese stuffed casserole.

Bahamas: Cracked conch or conch fritters—Clearly, Caribbean people love seafood but Bahamians seem to love it more. We couldn’t tell if cracked conch was the national dish or if it was conch fritters. Bahamians consider both of them to be their national dish.

Barbados: Cou-cou & flying fish—Besides being known as the birthplace of the famous singer Rihanna, Barbados is known for cou-cou and flying fish. Cou-cou is just another name for fungee, it’s a cornmeal based dish that is stuffed with okra. People love to enjoy cou-cou with a stewed flying fish, which is native to the island.

Bermuda: Fish chowder—Despite not being located in the Caribbean sea, many people still consider Bermuda to be part of the Caribbean nation. And just like any Caribbean island, seafood plays a big role in the cooking. Bermudians love fish so much that their national dish is fish chowder

Bonaire: Stroba Kabritu—Stoba Kabritu which is Papiamento for stewed goat meat. Goat meat is the national dish of Bonaire simply because of how many goats populated the island.

British Virgin Islands (BVI): Fish & fungi—Just like Barbados and Antigua, fish and fungi is the national dish of the BVI.

Cayman Islands: Turtle Stew—Although this might shock most you, but turtle stew is a thing. Caymanians cook turtle and make a wonderful stew. Some people around the world may be against this but this is their culture.

Cuba: Ropa Vieja—Known for its rich history, beautiful people and culture, Cuba is largest Caribbean island. Cubans not only leave coffee but they also love ropa vieja. Ropa vieja is basically stewed down pork that has been shredded.

Curaçao: Keshi Yena—Because of its close proximity to Bonaire, Keshi Yena is also the national dish of Curaçao.

Dominica: Callaloo Soup [shown above]—Callaloo is a leaf vegetable and it is a favorite for most Dominicans. The leaf vegetable is boiled down and blended up to make a delicious soup.

Dominican Republic: La Bandera—This national dish’s name is cute. La bandera simply means flag in Spanish. The dish is composed of rice, stewed beans and stewed chicken. It is a simple dish which embodies the flag of the island.

Grenada: Oil Down—Known as the Spice Isle, this dish is the national dish of Grenade. It represents the island perfectly. Oil down is stewed salted meat and vegetables that is enjoyed by all Grenadians.

Guyana: Pepperpot—There is no doubt that Guyana’s national dish is pepperpot. Pepperpot is typically stewed beef that has been seasoned with many seasonings including cassareep.

Guadeloupe: Colombo—This beautiful French Caribbean island is full of amazing dishes. But it’s the famous Colombo that is their national dish. Colombo is a seasoning that pretty close to curry. The main meat used is chicken but you can also use pork, beef or seafood

Haïti: Griot—Along with beautiful beaches, Haïti is the home of beautiful dishes. Griot is one of those beautiful dishes and it is the national dish of the island. Griot consist of pork that is fried and is usually served with rice and pikliz.

Jamaica: Ackee & Saltfish—Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean islands. It’s on everyone’s dream vacation list and that is because of its scenery and its food. Jamaicans love food, especially ackee and saltfish.

Martinique: Colombo—Just like Guadeloupe, this French Caribbean island’s national dish is also colombo.

Montserrat: Goat Water—Unlike what you might think, Goat water isn’t water with goat. Goat water is stew/soup made with goat meat and vegetables.

Puerto Rico: Arroz con Gandules—Arroz con Gandules is proof that Caribbean people. This dish is Puerto Rico’s national dish and it’s delicious. Contrary to other islands’ rice & peas, Puerto Rico has their own distinct way of cooking this dish and it is amazing.

Suriname: Pom—Neighbor to the beautiful Guyana, Suriname has a unique culture, language and cuisine. Pom is a casserole made with pomtajer which is a fruit and chicken or any other meat.

St-Kitts & Nevis: Saltfish, dumplings & provisions—This island’s national dish will leave you stuffed. St Kitts’ national dish consists of a plate full with boiled dumplings (coconut or not), saltfish, provisions (vegetables) and boiled sweet plantain.

St-Lucia—Known for its volcanic scenery and beautiful blue beaches, St-Lucia’s national dish is boiled green fig and saltfish. Green fig is in the same family as banana.

St-Maarten/St-Martin—This island has a unique history and culture. It is one island but two countries, both countries live and work together harmoniously. The national dish is said to be conchs and dumplings.

St-Vincent & the Grenadines—Just like many of the other islands, the national dish of St-Vincent has seafood in it. More specifically, the national dish is roasted breadfruit & jackfish.

Trinidad & Tobago: Crab & Callaloo—Known for its carnivals and soca music, Trinidad & Tobago’s national is crab & callalooo. Despite many other famous dishes like pelau, doubles and roti. Crab & callaloo is the national dish.

Turks & Caicos: Peas, rice & fish or any other seafood—Their national dish is very much filling. Just like the other islands we mentioned, seafood plays a huge role in their diets. Turks & Caicos has beautiful beaches and beautiful dishes to enjoy.

U.S Virgin Islands: Callaloo—This island also shares a love for this leafy green. Callaloo is also their national dish. Contrary to other islands, it is served with fungi.

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8 thoughts on “National Dish of Each Caribbean Island

  1. Actually for Haiti, it would be “diri djondjon” black mushroom rice followed by “soup joumou” squash soup. Both of these are uniquely Haitian. Griot is just fried pork Haitian style.

    1. So sad that I didn’t have a chance to try this dish when I went to San Andrés (wonderful trip)!
      Gracias, IR

  2. Great information! We appreciate it. But let me say that the national dish of Haiti is not griot. It’s rather SOUP JOUMOU! Which is engraved in the history of Haiti and the only successful revolution that brought independence to enslaved people in the Americas. SOUP JOUMOU is made with pumpkin, vegetables, beef / cowfoot. It’s a very delicious dish. Effort is being made to have UNESCO recognize it as a world heritage.

  3. As a haitian man….i completely agree with bro…….grio” just a Street food for us not a national food….diri kole ak poi

  4. Guys a is not an island . It is on the continent of South America’s. Please do not misinform. You were able to point out that Bermuda is mot technically in the Caribbean Sea . Neither is Guyana . It’s reasonable that say that Guyanese culture is very similar to other Caribbean countries .

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