SundanceTV Series ‘Dream School: NYC’ to Feature Puerto Rican Graffiti Artist Don Rimx


SundanceTV’s powerful non-fiction series, “Dream School: NYC,” from executive producers 50 Cent, Chuck D, and Jamie Oliver, will return for a second season on Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The second season will feature a new line-up of celebrity mentors and educators, including a creative Latin presence, Puerto Rican graffiti artist and muralist Don Rimx, as Melissa Castellanos reports in this article for Latin Post.

The San Juan, Puerto native, also known as David “Don Rimx” Sepulveda Cruz, also has an inspirational story — he lived in a crime-ridden public housing development during his youth, but his parents managed to keep him on the right track by nurturing his artistic talent. They enrolled him in weekend art classes at a local art school where he thrived.

He later received his diploma from the Central High School of Visual Arts and went on to continue his education at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas. After he graduated, “he dedicated himself to incorporating the various techniques of classic art into urban art, with a specialization in murals.”

In 2009, Don Rimx moved to Brooklyn, New York. He continues to participate in national and international urban beautification projects. Don Rimx has painted many murals throughout the Wynwood Design District for Art Basel Miami, as well as works in Brooklyn and Queens, according to SundanceTV. At the international art festival Los Muros Hablan, he’s participated in the New York and Puerto Rico events, painting solo and collaborative grand scale murals.

“‘Dream School: NYC’ takes on a new class of students who have dropped out or been expelled from the conventional school system and offers them a real chance to graduate. At ‘Dream School: NYC,’ kids who were the hardest to reach via a traditional school curriculum receive lessons firsthand from leaders in various fields,” according to SundanceTV.

Many of the 15 students who make up the class have endured poverty, homelessness, single parenthood and being orphaned — obstacles and environments that would make it hard for anyone to learn, let alone an impressionable young adult.

“I am excited “Dream School” is coming back for a second season, this show is really important to me and I am honored to be able to help offer these kids a chance to turn their lives around,” said 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III.

In addition to Don Rimx, the line-up will include Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, screenwriter Cliff Dorfman (“Entourage,” “Warrior”), survival expert Les Stroud, actor Dean Winters and lawyer and civil rights activist Gloria Allred. Also on board is author and educator LouAnne Johnson (“Dangerous Minds”), who joins as “Dream School” principal.

A former U.S. Marine, Johnson is also a writer and a teacher. She is best known for her book “My Posse Don’t Do Homework,” which was adapted as the film “Dangerous Minds” in 1995, and a TV series in 1996. Johnson was portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the film, and by Annie Potts in the TV series.

The show is produced by Fresh One Productions, the production company launched by Oliver and its Emmy Award-winning executive producer Roy Ackerman. “Dream School: NYC” is also produced by G-Unit Films and Television, the production company launched by Jackson, who serves as Executive Producer. His producing partner Andrew Jameson also serves as Executive Producer and Nicole DeFusco and Jonathan Grosskopf will executive produce for SundanceTV.

“The journey of these young students as they struggle to rewrite the script of their lives is inspiring and at times explosive,” said SundanceTV President, Sarah Barnett. “Their ‘Dream School’ guides are an impassioned group of influencers and celebrities who passionately try to help these students forge a fresh future for themselves. This is unscripted television that feels every bit as dramatic as scripted storytelling.”

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