Anton 3000 inaugurates exhibition at Heart Galerie

Francisco Puñal Suárez (Mundo Diario) writes about the recent exhibition by Cuban-born artist Anton Morales Ayuso, better known as Anton 3000. His exhibition—“Naturaleza Viva: La Génesis de las Formas” [Living Nature: The Genesis of Forms]—is on view at Heart Galerie (located at 30 rue de Charonne, in Paris, France) until the end of January.

With the title “Naturaleza Viva: La Génesis de las Formas,” Anton 3000—the artistic name of Anton Morales Ayuso—Cuban French artist born in 1991 in Havana, who lives and works in Paris, presents his third personal exhibition, where he proposes “a link between ancestral nature and ancient beliefs. I am inspired by [the elements of] nature observed during my trips to Cuba, especially in the colonial patio of the family home in Havana and in the Topes de Collantes natural park in the Escambray Sierra. I have been working on this series since 2017. I try to lead the viewer with my drawings and paintings to recreate a mystical idea of nature. It is a way for me to propose a vision of fruits, trees, and forests with an evocative power that questions our immemorial link with nature.”

“My works also develop the idea of primitive natural theater, where the myth or the ancestral belief occurs. I worked my drawings and paintings as a reorganization of natural forms observed on the island of Cuba. In the same way, myth is a form of intellectual bricolage from fragments of ancient stories/histories to create a common belief (an idea developed by Claude Levi-Strauss in La Pensée sauvage [El pensamiento salvaje; Wild Thought].”

Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Marseille and at the University of Paris-La Sorbonne, Anton 3000 has exhibited his works since 2017, and this show at the Heart Galerie, located at 30 rue de Charonne in Paris, is open through the month of January.

Translated by Ivette Romero. See full post at

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