Leonardo Padura and Mario Vargas Llosa will open Escribidores Literary Festival

OnCuba News reports that writers Leonardo Padura (Cuba) and Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru) will open the Escribidores literary festival with a conversation entitled “Los personajes de mi vida” [The Characters of My Life], moderated by editor Marisol Schulz, on February 22, 2023.

A dialogue between the Nobel Prize for Literature winner Mario Vargas Llosa and the Princess of Asturias Prize winner Leonardo Padura will open the Escribidoresliterary festival on February 22 in Malaga, which in this second edition expands its events to Almería, Seville, and Granada.

The talk, according to the program shared by the organizers, will be determined by its title, “Los personajes de mi vida,” and will be moderated by editor Marisol Schulz.

The festival will have France as the guest country of honor and will award its Writers Award for Cultural Management [Premio Escribidores a la Gestión Cultural] to Raúl Padilla, founder and current president of the Guadalajara Book Fair, and the Literary Trajectory Award [Premio a la Trayectoria Literaria], posthumously, to the recently deceased Brazilian writer Nélida Piñon.

Escribidores was born “with the spirit of connecting the two shores across the Atlantic, twinning Europe and America through culture and literature, encouraging debate and dialogue, and contributing to the creation of citizenship through critical thinking,” recalled Raúl Tola, director and one of the organizers of the festival and director of the Vargas Llosa Chair.

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. See full article at https://oncubanews.com/cultura/literatura/padura-y-vargas-llosa-abriran-con-una-charla-festival-literario-en-espana/

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