How Jennifer López explodes codes of marriage in “Shotgun Wedding”

In “Comment Jennifer Lopez explose les codes du mariage sur Prime Video,” Violaine Schütz (Numéro) explores Jennifer López’s role and the metaphor of her “badass” wedding dress in the “explosive” romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding (directed by Jason Moore) which will be available on Prime Video on January 27, 2023. [According to Sceen-it, the film was shot partly in the Dominican Republic, in Río San Juan, Juan Dolio, Cabrera and Playa Grande, Sánchez, Samaná, as well as nearby landscapes of the northeast coast.] Schütz writes:

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, 53 years old, has accustomed us to romantic comedies, but her new cinematic adventure should surprise her fans. In the action film Shotgun Wedding, broadcast on Prime Video on January 27, the American star plays Darcy, a fighter who marries Tom (Josh Duhamel), a second-rate baseball player obsessed with the idea of a perfect ceremony—except that nothing will go as planned. Between the dubious jokes by the stepmother (the hilarious Jennifer Coolidge, the crazy heroine of The White Lotus) and the thunderous arrival of her ex, sex symbol and rock icon Lenny Kravitz, the adventure turns to drama. Not to mention that the paradise island where the couple of heroes decided to marry (supposed to be located in the Philippines but filmed on location in the Dominican Republic) is under the control of dangerous criminals who take the guests hostage.

The two heroes will then try to protect their families while arguing and rediscovering why they love one another. In a press conference, speaking about this game of cat and mouse (crossed with Indiana Jones), Jennifer Lopez says, “It’s a romantic comedy, but it’s above all a romantic action film. An adventure. There’s so much going on, and, at the heart of it all, it’s about two families coming together and Darcy and Tom figuring out who they really are and how they’re going to make their marriage work. [. . .] They start from completely opposite points of view, not expecting the same things from their marriage and their relationship… But along the way, with all the crazy things they will go through together, they rediscover themselves and discover what they really want.” [. . .]

Jennifer Lopez explains [. . .] her dress, which at the beginning of the film resembles that of a princess before becoming much more punk (and much shorter): “I really had the impression that the dress itself was a character in the film.” The star adds, “It represents what my character goes through. Darcy is initially very uncomfortable in it. She doesn’t look like herself at all. And then, as the film progresses and Darcy becomes more honest with Josh about who she is and what she wants, she starts to take layers off. In fact, she gains more power and authenticity and becomes more and more herself, as pieces of her dress start to come off. In the end, she is ultra-badass. She took off her hair extensions, wears boots, and holds a gun in her hands, shouting at the villains of the film: ‘Listen to me, everyone! This is the wedding I wanted; this is how it’s gonna be from now on. And everyone is going to jump in the water.’” [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. See full article at

[Image above: Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in ‘Shotgun Wedding.’ ANA CARBALLOSA/AMAZON. See]

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