David Hill at Bajo El Sol Gallery

St. Thomas-born artist David Hill is now showing his work at Bajo El Sol Gallery in Mongoose Junction, St. John, USVI. Bajo El Sol Gallery shared:

Born and raised on St. Thomas, David Hill studied painting in Hawaii, Italy, and Boston (BAF, Art Institute of Boston). Growing up surrounded by the sea, David finds water and waves to be a continued inspiration for his oil paintings.

“I look to find intriguing compositions in nature,” Hill says. “I often focus on what is important to achieve this and edit out everything else. Patterns, repetition, and space, as it naturally occurs, create the themes and stories of my works. Shapes that are created in a natural event are unique moments of change that I look to represent.”

See more at https://www.facebook.com/bajoelsolgallery/

Also see more on the artist her: https://thelaffergallery.com/david-hill

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