Zoe Saldaña honored with a mural in the Dominican Republic

Ashley Martínez (Listin Diario) reports that a mural in honor of Zoe Saldaña has been unveiled in her hometown of Fantino in the Dominican Republic.

The mayor of the Fantino municipality, Sánchez Ramírez province, placed a mural with the face of Zoe Saldaña as a distinction to the film career of the actress, who is from this town.

Gaby Padilla, mayor of the municipality, also delivered a plaque of recognition, which was received by the relatives of the star.

Zoe she shared a video on her social networks where she expressed her gratitude. “The central square of Fantino will bear my name; thanks to all the town for recognizing my work and linking it to that of my ancestors, who have been important in what is today that thriving community of Fantino,” Zoe said. She also recounted that by sending this message, her childhood memories “began to flow”, recalling that the time she spent there with her family “was very beautiful.”

When unveiling the mural, Mayor Padilla explained how proud he felt that she, such an outstanding film artist, bears the adjective fantinense [Fatino-born].

Many thanks to Peter Jordens for providing all related links:

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