Dance: HCX presents Robenson Mathurin

Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) presents Robenson Mathurin in performance and dialogue in “Koulè M Idantite M (My Skin, My Identity)” on November 20, 2022, from 5:30 to 7:30pm, at Gibney 280 Broadway (53a Chambers Street, New York).

“Koulè M Idantite M” (My Skin, My Identity)” is a reflection on the complexity of black identity in different societies and, specifically, as part of the immigrant experience. “Koulè M Idantite M” invites black immigrant Crown Heights community members to engage in dance and choreography workshops that helped express their inner thoughts and helped to prime discussion of the question: what does it mean to live, survive, and thrive in your own black skin? The result of these workshops helped to create new choreography and performance.

The performance of this work will feature invited dance artists, project participants sharing their testimonies and stories, live Haitian drumming, recorded music, and possibly video projection. The public showing will also be followed by a public Q&A.

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