Reynier Leyva Novo: Methuselah

On view NOW in Room 110 at El Museo del Barrio (Thursday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm) is Reynier Leyva Novo: Methuselah, a digital installation that virtually reproduces the 6000-mile transnational migratory journey of a single monarch butterfly.

Conceived by the Cuban-born and Houston based artist Reynier Leyva Novo, the digital artwork virtually reproduces the 6000-mile transnational migratory journey of a single monarch butterfly, tracking its travel from southern Canada across the United States to Mexico. Embodied through the life of a virtual avatar, the epic journey is hosted and reproduced in real time on a specially designed, open-access, dedicated website. Commissioned by El Museo del Barrio with the support of VIA Art Fund, the in-person mixed-reality presentation at El Museo debuts in conjunction with the exhibition, Juan Francisco Elso: Por América.

Be sure to stop by Room 110 (adjacent multi-disciplinary Museum space) and immerse yourself in the in-person mixed reality installation featuring Methuselah! Through the use of holographic lenses, Museum visitors will be able to observe and follow the monarch butterfly as it flies around them and observe its movements and behavior. Along with the specimen’s flight pattern, viewers will have access to up-to-date data, such as the butterfly’s geographic coordinates, time, and weather. 

Reservations for the holographic lenses in Room 110 are on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be made on-site, the day of your visit.

To reserve, go to

For more information go to

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