New Book: “Negra cubana tenía que ser”

[Many thanks to Peter Gordon for bringing this item to our attention.] Sandra Abd’Allah-Alvarez Ramírez’s Negra cubana tenía que ser [It had to be a black Cuban woman] was published in Spain in 2020 by Ediciones Wanafrica. [The cover art, which I love, was designed by Gerda Andux from @queparcreativo.]

Description: Negra cubana tenía que ser is a selection of texts published in the last 13 years by Sandra Abd’Allah-Álvarez Ramírez. They have previously come to light in her personal blog and in various press media with which she has collaborated. Also included are articles published in cultural and academic journals. Many of the pieces incorporate reflections, opinion articles on universal themes, such as racism or gender violence, or more local issues such as gentrification and prostitution in Cuba. In the same way, this volume also includes first-person and third-party testimonies that give an account of an alternative, underground and non-normative Cuban society that is usually outside the media focus.

Read book review (in Spanish) by Alina Herrera in Afrofémina (13 March 2021)

Negra cubana tenía que ser

Barcelona: Ediciones Wanafrica, 2020
258 pages
ISBN: 978-84-17150-79-2

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