Grand Cayman: Hundreds sign up for green iguana cull


James Whittaker (Cayman Compass) reports on an island-wide green iguana cull on Grand Cayman as a measure to control the invasive species. The article does not mention what is to be done with the dead iguanas (although a landfill is mentioned). On other islands in the Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico, and other countries in Central and South America, people are using iguanas as a meat source. Here are excerpts from Whittaker’s article:

Almost 350 people registered to take part in Grand Cayman’s islandwide green iguana cull. Collectively, the group has signed up to kill more than a million iguanas over the next 12 months. Fred Burton, the Department of Environment’s terrestrial resources manager, said he was delighted with the response.

He said the cullers had signed up to kill-quotas that exceeded the number of iguanas believed to be in Grand Cayman. He said, “We have approved higher quotas than the number of green iguanas that are actually out there, with the expectation that it will settle down to reality as the cull gets under way.”

[. . .] Cullers will be paid $4.50 a head for iguanas, rising to $5 a head if they meet monthly and annual quota targets.

Mr. Burton said the cull management company would begin accepting iguanas at the George Town landfill from next Monday, Oct. 29. No iguanas will be accepted before that point and iguanas will only be accepted from people with a valid DoE-issued cull card. Mr. Burton acknowledged that many of the cullers may have started already and that the landfill could be inundated on the first morning of the cull. [. . .]


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