Lavar Munroe “Return: The Magic Flight”


Bahamian artist Lavar Munroe’s “Return: The Magic Flight” will be on view from November 1 to 24, 2018, at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB). The NAGB will also host a special artist’s talk on Friday, November 16.

Description: Lavar Munroe’s second chapter and continuing installation accompanying “Son of the Soil”, the artist’s 10-year survey is set to open on Thursday, November 1st, 2019 [sic] with a newly conceived installation of his 2016 – present project “Memorials” called “Return: The Magic Flight.”

“Return- The Magic Flight” functions both as a homage and posthumous collaboration with Munroe’s late father. The inception of this work and its continued evolution came out of prior plans to collaborate with Munroe’s father two years before his death. The intention was to better understand each other’s professions, with the more profound interest in using both practices to connect with Munroe’s deceased mother metaphorically.

The “Memorials” series has taken on various forms, shape-shifting with each location and for “Return: The Magic Flight” remnants and remains of life will be placed in a way where we can honour legacy, tradition, the sea, the fleeting reality of life and the long-lasting bond of blood. [. . .]

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