Art Exhibition—“Entredichos: New Acquisitions of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico”


“Entredichos: Nuevas Adquisiciones del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico” presents the MAC’s new acquisitions.

Artists in the exhibition include Aarón Salabarrías, Barbara Díaz Tapia, Iván Girona, Marina Barsy Janer, Máximo Colón, Antonio Martorell, Daniel Lind Ramos, Elsa María Meléndez, Erik Miles, Garvin Sierra, Javier Orfón, Martín García Rivera, Mónica Ching, Myrna Báez, Dhara Rivera, Jaime Carrero, Rafael Vargas Bernard, Jaime Romano, Carlos Irizarry, Myritza Castillo, Marcos Irizarry, Osvaldo Budet/Shonah Trescott, Ramón Bulerín, Viveca Vázquez, Annex Burgos, and Pablo Delano [see previous post Entredichos and The Museum of the Old Colony]. The exhibition will be on view at the MAC until early May. Here are excerpts from a review in El Nuevo Día:

The exhibition reveals details of the social and political conditions of a particular moment in the history of Puerto Rico and proposes an approach to culture from the tensions, contradictions and complexities that define it. The term ENTREDICHOS carries implicitly doubts about the honesty, veracity or possibilities of a person or thing; a contradiction, objection, or obstacle. In short, it is an invitation to the public to an open and inclusive, multicultural dialogue about the present and future of Puerto Rico that may help us to identify a new course based on civic exchange, shared experiences, and a plurality of visions.

Marianne Ramírez Aponte, executive director and chief curator of the MAC, affirms, “The exhibition is our response to this moment of great collective danger facing the country; circumstances that have worsened after the passage of the hurricanes and that has exacerbated the need for community organization and to develop greater political and social power for Puerto Ricans. We felt it was urgent to respond, with our own voice, to the broad interest that our socioeconomic situation has generated at the international level and to the multiple, informed and uninformed views we have on the island and abroad about our history and our complex political relationship with the United States. It is a relationship that determines the socioeconomic structures that impact practically all aspects of the lives of Puerto Ricans.”

“ENTREDICHOS takes from the MAC’s permanent collection works that propose approaches to issues such as power, history, race, migration, identity, family, education, poverty, the anthropocene era, and the economic, political and social violence that characterizes our moment. The selection of works by artists of various generations, Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American, and their respective migrations, point to our goal of approaching the national beyond the insular perspective, considering the contributions of the diaspora, and reconsidering the Caribbean regional position and cultural heritage of Puerto Rico in today’s world,” added the curator. [. . .]

[Translation by Ivette Romero.] For full articles, see and

Also see and previous post

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