102-year-old artist Carmen Herrera showcases new body of work at London’s Lisson Gallery


A report by Laura Collinson for Creative Boom.

Cuban artist Carmen Herrera, who is over 100 years old, is currently showcasing her sixth exhibition with the Lisson Gallery.

Featuring a large Estructura, along with a number of paintings and works on paper, the exhibition displays some of Herrera’s most ambitious work to date. Known for her geometric lyricism and vibrant abstractions, Herrera produces dynamic compositions that convey movement and rhythm through a careful balance of lines, forms and colours.

Embracing an approach that is at once meditative and reflective, daring and bold, the artist’s work evokes a simultaneous sense of instability and order, encompassing symmetry and asymmetry, shadow and light. Rather than tricks to fool the eye, her intent is to sharpen it.

Various mediums are explored throughout the works, from drawing to painting and sculpture, the physical manifestation of her forms brings to life the precision of Herrera’s “sharp edges”.

Check out the exhibition at Lisson Gallery, 27 Bell Street, London.


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