Paris Hilton Goes to Havana


According to Kendall Breitman (Politico), one person who is benefiting from the newly mended relationship between Cuba and the United States is Paris Hilton. After she landed in Cuba, Hilton posted photos of her trip on Instagram. Hilton — whose family once owned the “Havana Hilton” that changed hands in 1959 — described the capital in her tweets: “Loving Old Havana. So beautiful and unique.” Judging from the Instagram photographs she tweeted, at least the heiress has an appreciation for Havana’s stunning architecture.

Breitman writes that “Hilton’s trip comes after President Barack Obama announced in December a ‘new chapter’ in diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, which would include reestablishing an embassy in the island country after years of hostile relations. The shift in the relationship also relaxed rules on travel and exports.”


Part of Hilton’s “busy schedule” in Havana, says the Daily Mail, was to attend the 17th annual Cigar Festival as a special guest at a gala dinner with supermodel Naomi Campbell. According to the article, the socialite snapped selfies with Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, the son of former Cuban president Fidel Castro, “using her rhinestone bedazzled phone.”

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