Davidoff announces major tobacco farmland acquisitions in Nicaragua and Honduras


Oettinger Davidoff AG, a worldwide leading manufacturer of premium cigars, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, has announced the acquisition of tobacco farmland in Nicaragua’s Condega region as well as in the Jamastran valley of Honduras.

The company also announced that it has acquired land in the vicinity of its box factory to build a new cigar factory in Danli, Honduras, as the growth of Camacho and other Honduran brands has outgrown the capacity of the current factory, which will be divested.

Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, CEO and board member of Oettinger Davidoff, said: “Our acquisition of over 150 hectares of land in Condega, Nicaragua, and in Jamastran, Honduras, represents a further strengthening of our crop-to-shop philosophy, which is an anchor of our global strategy. I am equally delighted that a splendid new Camacho (Agroindustrias Laepe) factory designed by Honduran architect Gonzalo Nunez Diaz and including expansive visitor accommodation will underpin the growth trajectory of the Camacho, Room101 and Baccarat brands.”

Javier Plantada, senior vice president global production of Oettinger Davidoff, added: “I am particularly delighted about the quality of the farm land we have been able to acquire, which not only will provide us with top notch tobacco quality, but also will allow us to pursue our innovation agenda and experiment with new and existing seeds.” [. . .]

For full article, see http://thecigarauthority.com/news-davidoff-acquires-land-in-honduras-nicaragua/

Photo from 2013 article http://www.cigarpairings.com/2013_11_01_archive.html

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