Caribbean Americas given special opportunity for Caribbean American Heritage Month


In honor of Caribbean American Heritage Month, Caribbean American filmmakers, along with the Caribbean Growth Forum will be offering a rare opportunity to attend a briefing which will provide information on how to do business with the Federal Government and elected officials who are interested in investing in economic development and community empowerment zones as well as being a participant in the National Caribbean American Legislative Week, as The Amsterdam News reports.

The Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF) is a joint initiative by the Compete Caribbean Program, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, and the Caribbean Development Bank.

The briefing, limited to 30 participants, will be held on June 24 and will be the start of an entire week of events called the National Caribbean American Heritage Legislative Week, held by the Institute of Caribbean Studies.

The rest of the week includes a Tribute to Bob Marleyat the Kennedy Center, a Legislative briefing on how to access census data, a workshop by the US census, and an update on the Caribbean Growth Forum & Business Opportunities through IDB at the International American Development Bank. Caribbean American congresswomen Barbara Lee and Yvette Clark are scheduled to be at the 15th Annual Legeslative Forum and will also be speaking on June 27 at Capitol Hill about their work in areas of international trade, small business, affordable health care and immigration reform.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee states “Americans of Caribbean ancestry reside in every part of the country. Millions have emigrated from the Caribbean to the United States. Throughout our history, Caribbean-Americans have served our country and contributed to the heritage of the United States through the arts, science, education, business, sports, military and government. The annual resolution allows Congress to continue recognizing the important contributions of Caribbean-Americans to our nation’s history.”

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