What Ever Happened to Irene Cara?

After receiving a WEPAwebTV video from Luis Chaluisan, featuring Irene Cara singing “Ola, ola, ola” at age 8, I wondered: “What ever happened to Irene Cara?” According to Eons, her career is alive and well.

Eons writes:

Irene Cara (born March 18, 1962) is an American singer and actress. Cara won an Academy Award in 1984 in the category of Best Original Song for co-writing “Flashdance… What a Feeling.” She is also known for her recording of the song “Fame”, and she also starred in the 1980 film Fame.

Cara’s father, Gaspar Cara, was Puerto Rican and Cara’s mother, Louise, was an American of Cuban descent. Cara has two sisters and two brothers. At age three, Irene Cara was one of five finalists for the ‘Little Miss America’ pageant. At age five, Cara began to play the piano “by ear.” Soon thereafter, she began seriously studying music, acting, and dance. Cara’s performing career started when she was a child on Spanish-language television, professionally singing and dancing. She made early TV appearances on the Original Amateur Hour (singing in Spanish) and Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show. She was a regular on PBS’s educational program The Electric Company, which starred Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno, and Morgan Freeman. As a child, Cara recorded a Latin-market Spanish-language record; an English Christmas album soon followed. She also appeared in a major concert tribute to Duke Ellington (with Stevie Wonder, Sammy Davis Jr. and Roberta Flack).

In 1983, Cara reached the peak of her music career with the title song for the movie Flashdance: “Flashdance…What a Feeling,” which she co-wrote with Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. Cara penned the lyrics to the song with Keith Forsey while riding in a car in New York heading to the studio to record it; Moroder composed the music.

Cara admitted later that she was initially reluctant to work with Giorgio Moroder because she had no wish to invite further comparisons with Moroder’s most famous client, Donna Summer, but it paid off, as the result was a record that topped the charts around the world and garnered numerous accolades for Cara. She won: the 1983 Academy Award for Best Song (Oscar); 1984 Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, 1984 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, Top Female Vocalist – Pop Singles; Black Contemporary Female Vocalist – Pop Singles; Top Pop Crossover Artist – Black Contemporary Singles; Pop Single of the Year; American Music Awards for Best R&B Female Artist and Best Pop Single of the Year.

“Flashdance…” was re-recorded by Cara twice. The first time was in 1995 as a track in the original soundtrack for the movie The Full Monty; the second time was in 2002, as a duet she recorded with successful Swiss artist DJ BoBo.

Cara toured Europe and Asia throughout the 1990s, scoring several modest dance hits on European charts, but no US chart hits. Cara received two prestigious honors for her career in March 2004, with her induction into the Ciboney Cafe’s Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award presented at the sixth annual Prestige Awards.

In June 2005, Cara won the third round of the NBC television series Hit Me Baby One More Time, performing “Flashdance (What a Feeling)” and covered Anastacia’s song “I’m Outta Love” with her current all-female band, Hot Caramel. At the 2006 AFL Grand Final in Melbourne, Cara performed “Flashdance (What a Feeling)” as an opener to the pre-match entertainment.

Cara lives in Florida and works with her band Hot Caramel.

[Irene Cara’s artist page describes Hot Caramel’s music as a “unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, rock, jazz, Latin, dance, and soul,” which “sets them apart from the barrage of manufactured ‘girl groups’ in today’s music market.”]

See video of Irene Cara at age 8, courtesy of WEPAwebTV here: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/video/video.php?v=1248650632413&oid=319152123270

See Cara’s site at http://www.irenecara.com/musicsection.html

For full biography, see http://www.eons.com/groups/topic/2064168-Irene-Cara-48-Today

16 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Irene Cara?

    1. The first time that I ever saw Irene Cara I remember thinking that “there really is a God!😃 So very, very beautiful and equally as talented! Irene, keep doing what you’re doing! If given the choice, I’d choose you any day of the week and twice on Sunday! I hope and pray that your day is as blessed as you are beautiful! Call me please? 410-908-5204. 4 real, 4 real. Wow!

  1. I really like her voice and wish her the best in her career going forward…:))) I wish she would give concerts in the southeast states, since she is so close….:))

  2. Miss your beautiful voice, Ms Cara. There is no other voice like it. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing you deserve the VERY BEST of everything. Here’s wishing you a very Blessed day!!!!!!

  3. Please do a Tour.. You are still a lovely star.. You are Missed! Cindy Meria.
    Prose Angel. Hope to see you talent on Today ” Music scene. I would be honored to write you a Song .lol God Bless.

  4. U all forgot about the teen love story Aaron Loves Angela, co starring Kevin Hooks along side of Ms. Cara.
    This was my favorite movie growing up. It was a wonderful love story that had me mesmerized about love.
    Please include this movie on her bio, I believe it was an intricate part of her career.

  5. I am pretty sure Miss Cara’s birthday was March 18, 1959 … because growing up I was exited we were the same age.

  6. Irene Cara, l love your music, l love your voice, and you are so beautiful.l wish l could meet you in person.You have the gift of love in all your music.please come to South Texas when you are having a concert.We love you here too.

  7. I thought Irene put on a lot of weight this is what happens to people who become successful

    Irene , where is that girl I saw on{ The Ed SUllivan Show} or any other show like that

    I saw you in 1984 on a show escapes me the name right now , however, you were fantastic

    all the best..

  8. I thought you were the best in the 80’s you could sing and dance I would love to watch you dance on What A Feeling wish you all the best

  9. I danced my ass off to your great songs. Thank you for your gifts. To old to dance now but I clap my hands and you were, are great!

  10. Please reach out to Timothy Beal of UTB Talent Management about a book on the story of your life… the ups and downs of the industry… what was lost, stolen and recovered. Please contact him about a biopic.

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