Martinique: Jewelry Designer Stéphanie Aubin De Bellevue

Martinican jeweler Stéphanie Aubin De Bellevue speaks to about her fascination with Asia, its culture, and fine stones. On the island for a presentation of her latest collection, the artist speaks about “her already very rich, and at the least, atypical career.” Wishing to be an actress, she left Martinique when she was 18 years old to study cinema. Although gifted with a high sensitivity and expressiveness, she had no opportunity to evolve in the very selective medium of film. However, her artistic sensitivity led to another sphere.

After studying Hindi at the university, and in search of new experiences, she sailed to India in 2002. Here, it took her no time at all for her to adapt to Indian culture, mores, and lifestyle. First working for a business dealing clothing and accessories design for women in Jaipur, she discovered her new passion: the creation of accessories. This led her to create her own business in 2006, Mayuri. Her speciality: designing fine necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets, and other ornaments with semi-precious stones. Using a wide range of splendidly cut and polished stones available to her in India—moonstone, quartz, onyx, prehnite, peridot, turquoise, carnelian, and others—she was able to create one of a kind, harmonious pieces of jewelry integrating Asian, Amerindian, African, and European styles, which she sells and presents in exhibitions around the world, especially France and Martinique.

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2 thoughts on “Martinique: Jewelry Designer Stéphanie Aubin De Bellevue

  1. C’est avec grand plaisir que je vois Stéphanie dans cette nouvelle entreprise qu’elle as crée, je ne suis pas surprise, c’est une personne tellement créative, curieuse et entrainante que ce que je découvre a l’instant, en cherchant son nom sur facebook, m’as fais avoir le sourire et mon cœur est remplie de joie, surprise no, mais heureuse pour elle, je crois que elle as tellement a donner, que c’est n’est que le début de ca créativité et de ca capacité débordante!

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