New Edition: Marie Chauvet’s La légende des fleurs


First published in 1946, a new edition of Marie (Vieux) Chauvet’s La légende des fleurs has been published this year by Editions Marie Vieux in their Classique collection. In this play, which Chauvet published under the pseudonym Colibri, the author explores her ideals of fraternity and solidarity through a fantastic allegory, where three flowers—a rose, a violet, and a sunflower— are the main characters. After the publication of this work, it was performed for the first time in 1947 at the Rex Theater, where Chauvet herself played Lady Nature. The topics, the language, and the style of the play make it current and attractive for today’s public. For example, according to Robenson Bernard in his article “Haïti: Une vision féerique,” Chauvet’s ecological-philosophical exploration may serve to focus on problems related to the conditions and the future of our natural world from the point of view of the 21st century.

Other works by Chauvet to be re-edited by Editions Marie Vieux are the novels Fille d’Haïti, La danse sur le volcan (previously edited in France in 2004), Fonds des nègres, Amour, Colère et Folie, and Les rapaces (posthumous), as well as the theater piece Samba.

For full review of La légende des fleurs (in French), see

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