Porfirio Rubirosa Redux


The obsession with late playboy Porfirio Rubirosa in the Dominican press continues today with an article in the Al Momento site which purports to be about Rubirosa and the Florida highways (?!) but is really another excuse to quote Truman Capote on the subject of the size and readiness of Rubirosa’s chief attribute. The author of the article, José Carvajal, finds himself driving on the Florida highways and reminiscing on his hero’s adventures on these same roads while at the peak of his sexual career. Rubirosa spent his honeymoon with American heiress Barbara Hutton in Florida at the Maharaja of Baroda villa in Palm Beach. He also competed in a car race at Sebring, about 170 miles from Miami, on his ubiquitous Ferrari. The rest of the article, however, is just a meditation on Rubirosa’s famous sexual organ. The article quotes Capote’s assessment from Answered Prayers as well as the lyrics of a song by Cuban composer Eduardo Saborit: “Rubirosa has a thing/and I don’t know what it is/What could it be/ What could it be?/Rubirosa’s thing.” Rubirosa’s first wife, Flor de Oro Trujillo, is quoted as complaining that the organ in question was “too big” and describing her post-coital pain. Doris Duke is quoted as remarking that it was “the biggest penis I had seen in my life,” while a former lover describes it as a “long and pointy” pain-causing device. Way too much information.

I find the continued fascination with Rubirosa riveting, as my mother used to speak to him as the devil incarnate and a man to be avoided at all costs.

As if the article were not tacky enough, there are the readers’ comments . . . a perfect blend of the tasteless and the ludicrous. . . of vicarious lust and envy.

You can indulge your curiosity at http://www.almomento.net/news/134/ARTICLE/37817/2009-07-12.html

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