Exhibition: Garvin Sierra’s “Un grito en la mano”

One of my favorite sections of the ongoing “no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria” exhibit at the Whitney Museum is the series of posters by Garvin Sierra. Among the many clever posters, the one below sent chills up my spine with its eloquent simplicity.

So, I was pleased to find out that, as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Museum of the Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sierra’s exhibition “Un grito en la mano” [A cry in the hand]—curated by Humberto Figueroa—has been on view since October 19, 2022, and is ongoing until February 26, 2023. Furthermore, the newspaper La Perla del Sur just announced that Sierra will offer a guided tour, along with fellow artist and mentor Antonio Martorell, this Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 1:00pm. Below are excerpts from OCA News describing Sierra’s exhibition.

[. . .] “Un grito en la mano” by Garvin Sierra will present over 200 posters from his extensive artistic production, in digital and printed format, which summarizes the topics of greatest discussion and debate in the media in recent years. The artist already has a career as a designer and sculptor, and engraver, and, in this exhibition, he stands out for his work as an editor.

“In times of advanced management from virtual technology, the art of denunciation and protest acquires a greater capacity for multiplication from electronic networks. Its deployment capacity is equivalent to a powerful force. The exhibition “Un grito en la mano” recognizes the classic definition of the poster as a cry on the wall. Nowadays, the wall is the screen of the mobile phone or of any piece of equipment that is the receiver of the signal that emanates from a transmitter connected to the electronic medium,” said curator Humberto Figueroa.

The exhibition also features interpretive writings by “Maestro” Antonio Martorell and writer Ana Teresa Toro. Visiting it will be an immersive experience within the sharp creativity of the artist through installations of screens and projections that have been possible thanks to the patronage of the Puerto Rican company SunColors, suppliers specialized in large-format printing and graphics. Along with the exhibition, an interpretive program will be taking place that will include talks, workshops, and guided tours. [. . .]

For full article, see https://www.ossayecasadearte.com/post/celebraci%C3%B3n-del-30-aniversario-del-museo-de-las-am%C3%A9ricas-con-un-grito-en-la-mano-de-garvin-sierra

Also see https://www.periodicolaperla.com/gente/martorell-acompanara-a-garvin-sierra-en-recorrido-guiado-por-su-exposicion/ and https://www.museolasamericas.org/

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For more on Garvin Sierra, see http://www.garvinsierravega.com/

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