Secrets of the Surinamese Headscarves

Join Dr. Roxanne Valies for “Secrets of the Surinamese Headscarves.” Learn about the fascinating stories behind the traditional dress of creole women in Suriname. This free, family-friendly cultural event takes place on Saturday, November 26, 2022, 1:00-3:00pm, at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum (8000 West Broward Boulevard #1422, Plantation, Florida). Register below.

South Florida Caribbean News explains:

During “Secrets of the Surinamese Headscarves,” attendees will learn about the fascinating traditions behind the fabrics. Plus, methods used to convey messages between women in the South American Caribbean nation. Local performer and actress Nayomi Braaf, of Surinamese descent, will sing a song to set the stage.

In addition to the colorfully descriptive journey guests will take, courtesy of Valies, they’ll also enjoy learning about the history and evolution of the complete traditional dress of Surinamese women, and sample the flavors of traditional Surinamese cuisine.

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[Photo above: Busts at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum are adorned with “angisa” headdresses in the style of traditional Surinamese women | Photo credit: Matthew Johncon (MBJ Visuals).]

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