Tobago chooses Grenada over Trinidad for its Carnival

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sending this item and additional background information.] Chester Sambrano (T&T Guardian) explains:

Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities & Transportation Tashia Burris has defended the Tobago House of Assembly’s (THA) decision to seek out help from Grenada and not Trinidad for hosting its first Carnival. Burris spoke today at the THA’s Monday Mandate news conference. “There are those in the space who felt that Tobago should have gone to Trinidad first, but the reality is before we were joined to Trinidad we were joined to Grenada,” she said. 

Burris added that they are now re-establishing the relationships that once existed. “When we looked at what may look similar to what we are trying to achieve it was not necessarily the Trinidad model,” she added. She said that when they looked at size and scope, Grenada was the closest neighbour to what they felt they could achieve in the first year.

Last month, Laura Dowrich-Phillips (Loop TT News) reported in “Spicemas contingent heading to Tobago for Carnival”:

A release from the Spicemas Corporation said they will be sending a 12-member contingent to Tobago as part of the Carnival exchange launched by the SMC and the Grenada Tourism Authority for the promotion of Spice mas and Grenada in 2022.

Tobago, St Lucia and St Vincent participated in the exchange. Among the Grenadian delegation will be representations of their traditional characters, jab Jab Shortknee and Vieux Corps along with the reigning Soca and Groovy Monarchs.

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