Global Extraction Film Festival 2022

The 3rd Global Extraction Film Festival (GEFF2022) takes place on October 26-30, 2022. Streamed online for free worldwide, the festival includes over 250 documentaries and urgent shorts from 50 countries highlighting the destructive impacts of extractive industries. The festival includes 6 film programs— Global Perspectives (Official Selection), Africa in Focus, Urgent Shorts, Animal-Human Relations—with several online Q&A sessions with filmmakers and other live events about extractive industries and their impacts on specific places and peoples.

For an overview of these events and full and up-to-date program of the festival, please visit See festival trailer at

Description: The Global Extraction Film Festival (GEFF), launched in 2020 by Jamaican environmental filmmaker Esther Figueroa (Vagabond Media) in collaboration with Dutch non-profit organization Caribbean Creativity, has announced the selection of over 250 films for the 2022 edition of the festival. GEFF2022, which will be freely available online worldwide from October 26-30, aims to bring attention to the destructive impacts of extractive industries and to highlight communities across the world who are bravely defending against annihilation while creating livable futures.

The Global Extraction Film Festival, which is a no-budget film festival without any outside funding produced through voluntary labour and shared resources, is curated to include many publicly available films that people can access, share, teach, learn from, and be inspired by, all year long. This way, GEFF serves as an educational tool and archival platform for audiovisual content on extraction and exploitation around the world.

However, thanks to the generosity of filmmakers and distributors who waive their normal streaming fees, GEFF also presents a varied selection of films that are only available during the festival. These are GEFF’s festival exclusives, and this year the festival has 24 of such films. GEFF2022 will feature 6 programs with over 250 documentaries and urgent shorts from over 50 countries, with a wide range of compelling topics that everyone needs to think about. Where, how and by whom is the food we eat, water we drink, clothes we wear, materials in our technology, the energy that powers our lives produced and transported? What are we to do with the billions of tons of waste we create daily? What is our relationship to other species and all life on the planet? Unsustainable land use, pollution and the climate crisis are real and cannot be wished away or solved by magical technologies based on extraction.

Contact: For more information, visuals and interview requests, please contact Emiel Martens: and/or Esther Figueroa:

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