DSA2022 Virtually@Hostos: X Biennial Dominican Studies Association Conference

DSA2022 Virtually@Hostos: X Biennial Dominican Studies Association Conference

1-3 December 2022

Hostos Community College

City University of New York


Conference Theme:

Reencuentro: Dominican Diversity and Identities

Research on the experience of people of Dominican ancestry—in Hispaniola and elsewhere in the world—has produced indispensable bodies of knowledge and critical perspectives in multiple disciplines both internationally and beyond the academy. On this 10th iteration of its biennial conference, the Dominican Studies Association (DSA) seeks to stimulate dialogue among scholars, artists, and activists across the world who are currently working on Dominican subjects. Papers should focus on the contributions distinctly made toward the greater awareness of the Dominican presence worldwide. All proponents of panels or papers should formulate their research questions in a manner that makes clear their link to Dominican studies.

We invite colleagues to share work underscoring the impact and aftermath of the health crisis, and we welcome work that could contribute to new insights into the current and post COVID19 panorama. This year’s theme also presents us with the opportunity to engage critically in the intellectual assessment of the history, difficulties, impediments, empowering legacies, and the distinct contributions that Dominicans of all ancestries, phenotypes, class backgrounds, sexualities, religious beliefs, cultural heritage, and politicalideology have made to society in their country of origin, the United States, and other parts of the world.

We will be holding the DSA conference online with limited in-person components.


DSA2022 Virtually@Hostos invites proposals on topics linked to the conference theme. While we plan to prioritize already formed panels, we will also consider individual presentations.

The conference panels and individual presentations will be organized into the following categories:

  • Art, Music, and Performance Studies
  • History and Discourses of Nation
  • Environment, Nature, and Climate Change
  • Literature, Language, and Linguistics
  • Culture, Power, and Difference: Race/Ethnicity/Gender/Sexualities
  • Public Policy, Social System, and Full Citizenship

The following is a notional list of possible topics:

  • Who Gets to Be Dominican? Diverse Identities in Literature and Discourse
  • Historical linkages between the Dominican Republic and Other Countries
  • Documenting the History of Ethnic Minorities within The DR Population
  • Environmental Social Justice in Hispaniola
  • Addressing Dominican Identities through New Pedagogical Approaches
  • Constructing Dominican Identities through Linguistic Practices
  • Electoral Politics and Community Mobilization as Tools for Change
  • Dominican Youth and Identity: Developing New Leadership
  • Dominican Representation and Identity in the Arts, Media, and Music
  • Staying at Home Post Covid 19: New Workforce Development Paradigms

Proposals for individual and group presentations, including roundtables, can be submitted via this link no later than July 22, 2022. This deadline is final and will not be extended. Proposals should include institutional affiliation (if any) and current contact information for each participant. After August 8, the Program Committee will notify submitters the status of their proposal. With the notices of acceptance will come instructions pertaining to the technology involved in the manner of delivery of panels and papers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at dominicanstudiesassociation@gmail.com.

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