Open-air park for SOS: Season of Storms in French Quarter

In St. Martin, Amuseum Naturalis at the “Old House” in French Quarter has mounted a new open-air exhibit of poems from the book SOS: Season of Storms by Fabian Badejo. House of Nehesi (Offshore Editing Services) reports:

“People can visit any day from sunrise to sunset. All the exhibits are outside, and poetry is in the front,” said Mark Yokoyama of Amuseum Naturalis.

The SOS exhibit features three panels with poems from each of the three sections of the book, further enhanced with details from the cover artwork by Ras Mosera.

“I am humbled and at the same time elated that Amuseum Naturalis chose to do this exhibit at this time of the year,” said Badejo, author of the book.

The forested park and picnic setting “allows the poems to breathe fresh air and be surrounded by Nature, which poetry seeks to be a part of,” said Badejo. “I hope people would visit the exhibit and participate in recreating the poems.”

Amuseum Naturalis has also held exhibits of poems by Lasana Sekou in the past to much critical acclaim, according to Yokoyama. The public exhibition of poems on large panels by poets of the Friendly Island has been pioneered by Yokoyama and his team.

All the museum’s outdoor exhibits are free to the public. They make for exciting trips for schools, book clubs, youth and senior citizens groups, individual strolls, aspiring writers, family drives on Sunday, and visitors looking for unique cultural experiences, said Badejo, who is also a veteran journalist.

SOS: Season of Storms is available at Amusuem, Van Dorp and Arnia’s bookstores, the African Market on Frontstreet (across from Oranje School), SOS Radio in Marigot, Amazon, and SPDbooks

SOS was published here in 2021 by House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

[Photo above: Poetry in the park with SOS: Season of Storms at the museum in French Quarter. (Courtesy Amuseum).]

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