New Books: “This One Sky Day”

This One Sky Day by Leone Ross is published by Faber (April 2021). In his review, Michael Donkor (The Guardian) writes, “This eccentric, capacious novel takes the reader on a surreal ride around a fictional archipelago.” [See previous post This One Sky Day review.]

Description: Set in a fictional archipelago called Popisho, where goats are jealous, gods are mischievous, vaginas drop out unexpectedly and everyone is a tiny bit bored with magic, the novel spans a single day. 

A man and a woman, once in love, are walking across the islands towards each other. Xavier Pere, 39 is a master chef, the illegitimate son of a god, formerly addicted to hallucinogenic moths, mourning the death of his wife and forced by a corrupt governor to travel the land, seeking ingredients for the most romantic meal in the world. The female lead is Anise David, 35, who is recovering from the loss of her third stillborn child. She is investigating a rumour that her husband has made his mistress pregnant.

Xavier and Anise will meet a variety of people throughout the novel: for Xavier, most important will be a paternal connection with a young, indigent graffiti artist called Romanza, who knows a lie when he hears one – and helps him as he struggles not to relapse into moth addiction. For Anise, it will be meeting her husband’s mistress, Mal, a connection that allows her to heal.

By the end of this day, both Xavier and Anise will have learned what they need in order to meet again, wiser and ready for love. But there is the smell of something sticky and strange in the air, and all is not what it seems…

THIS ONE SKY DAY is ironic and sweet, dark and light, serious and silly. It questions the nature of love and addiction and creates a world that both satirises postcolonial society and celebrates oddness.


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