TERN Gallery at the Atlantic World Art Fair (June)

TERN Gallery will be participating participation in the Atlantic World Art Fair from June 1-21. Exclusively on Artsy, the Fair will feature the talents of contemporary artists from the Caribbean, the Atlantic Islands and the region’s wider diasporas. Their creative expressions reflect intertwined histories, relations, and cultures informed by Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

TERN, based in Nassau, The Bahamas, will present the works of 11 artists, including Rodell Warner, Anina Major, Tamika Galanis, Kendra Frorup, Drew Weech, Delton Barrett, Heino Schmid, Tessa Whitehead, Melissa Acena, and collaborative works by Averai Wright and Jodi Minnis.

[Shown above: First: photograph by Tamika Galanis, “Ms. Hart,” 2019, Ed. 5, 22″ x 15″; second: Kendra Frorup’s “Obscured by the Veil of Security,” 2020, mixed media; third: video still from “Family and Friends no.2,” 2017. Single-channel video, color, 32-second loop. All images courtesy of the artists and TERN Gallery.]

For more information and press releases, Jacqueline WayneGuite at jacqueline@olucompany.com 

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