Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Wins Awards in “Ballet Beyond Borders” Competition

Prensa Latina reports that Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) troupe won several awards at the Ballet Beyond Borders competition, held in the United States.

Young dancers from Cuba, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, China, the United States, Nigeria, Italy and Great Britain, among other countries, were the winners of the contest based in the North American city of Los Angeles, but carried out this year online due to the Covid-19 situation.

The international jury of the event awarded gold medals to dancers Massiel Yedra and Leandro Molina (Contemporary/Modern category) performers of the work Remembranza, by choreographer Lizt Alfonso.

A group of members of the LADC Youth Ballet won the gold medal for their performance in Agobio, a piece created by Diana Fernández and Risel Mayor.

The LADC Children’s Ballet (students 10 to 12 years old) also won a gold medal for the performance of La Llave del Amor, choreographed by Angela Badell and Sandra Sardiñas.

Other professionals of the Cuban collective: Yadira Yasell and Luis Mario Miranda won a silver medal with their performance in Remembranza, by Lizt Alfonso, while Helen Rodríguez and Aldair García received the bronze medal for the pas de deux Seduction, by the same choreographer and founder of LADC.

Students from 13 to 15 years-old of the Children’s Ballet section of the troupe received another bronze with the choreography Flowers (Flores) by Laura Abreu.

All the pieces were performed for the first time in an international competition, except Agobio, also winner of the 2019 Premio Diamante in Panama, in the International Active Dance contest.

The “Ballet Beyond Borders” competition spans styles from classical dance to hip hop.

Almost three decades ago, Alfonso cultivated the so-called ‘fusion style’ in Cuba, which brings together elements of flamenco, ballet, contemporary dance, folklore and diverse popular dances.

Numerous awards distinguish the work of LADC, which in 2021 will celebrate 30 years since its founding, in Havana, distilling the essences of the best of the dance tradition on the Caribbean island.

Translated from the Spanish by Ivette Romero. For original article, see

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