New Book: “La Martinique vue du ciel”    

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The outremers 360 site recently announced the spectacular book, La Martinique vue du ciel [Martinique seen from the sky], which features photography by Anne Chopin and essays by Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau as they “revisit Martinique from the sky.”

In a magnificent book “La Martinique vue du ciel,” Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau and photographer Anne Chopin draw up an inventory of the natural heritage of Martinique. A book that is both a hymn to the beauty of the island and a cry of warning to raise awareness about the fragility of the treasures it contains.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work by Patrick Chamoiseau and Anne Chopin, “La Martinique vue du ciel,” is in line with the work undertaken by the famous photographer, director, journalist and ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, author of the world best-seller “La terre vue du ciel,” published in 1999, which also inspired the eponymous documentary produced in 2004.

As for the “earth from the sky” concept, Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau and photographer Anne Chopin decided to draw up the inventory of the most beautiful sites and Martinican landscapes seen from the sky. Just like Yann Arthus-Bertrand, president of the GoodPlanet foundation, they had as creed and will to testify to the beauty of Martinique and to launch a cry of alarm on the fragility of its treasures to seek protection [for the land].

The riches of the natural heritage of Martinique magnified

The result: a beautiful book entitled “La Martinique vue du ciel,” with admirable photos by Anne Chopin, a lover of a Martinique, where she lived for twenty years and which she continues to visit regularly. Her work, which usually revolves around heritage, be it constructed, natural, or artistic, takes on its full meaning here to present and make us discover an unprecedented Martinique, beyond its walls, sometimes unknown and with unsuspected treasures—a Martinique rich in the diversity of its natural heritage.

There is the shock-value of the photography, but also the weight of words, because this work is enhanced and magnified by the finely-inked pen of the 1992 Prix Goncourt award winner (with “Texaco”) Patrick Chamoiseau, who found there an ideal ground to send to the world his declaration of love for his native Martinique and to share his sense of the beauty, nature, and history of this island dear to his heart.

However, if the two authors have strived to present the wealth of the natural heritage of Martinique with artistic accuracy and talent, it is also to raise awareness of the dangers lurking in its particularly fragile ecosystem and the need to preserve it.

This inventory certainly sounds like a cry of love, but also a cry of warning to encourage Martinicans and all visitors to protect this territory. In short, an artistic work, but also a matter of public health that deserves, like the “La terre vue du ciel,” to result in a documentary.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. For original article (in French), see]

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