New Book: “Escenas Transcaribeñas”


A new book by Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes—Escenas Transcaribeñas [Transcaribbean Scenes]—is now available via Isla Negra Editores (and select bookstores in Puerto Rico such as Librería Mágica and Librería Norberto González).

Description: Escenas transcaribeñas is a compilation of essays, blog entries, newspaper columns, and conference papers on theater, performance, literature, television, and visual arts, published in diverse sources (such as Claridad, El Nuevo Día, 80grados) in Puerto Rico and elsewhere from 1996 to 2017. It includes translations from English to Spanish, with a focus on LGBT topics and issues related to contemporary masculinities in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and among Latinxs in the United States.

[Cover art by Raphael Pérez.]

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