Juan Betancourt: Cuban Supermodel


It is a bit difficult to find a photo of Cuban-born model Juan Betancourt with a shirt on. I finally found a few, but only after pouring through dozens of photos (really over 100; strictly for academic purposes, of course), I understood why his torso is so highly photographed and sought after. . .  [Excluding his own page/blog, which contains a tasteful portfolio, CoverMen Mag had the highest number of photos of a clothed Betancourt—see image above.] Spain’s ABC magazine recently featured the international supermodel, who commented on his humble beginnings (“I went from playing football without shoes to walking on the runway in 3,000-euro shoes”) and his relationship to Cuba, where he returns to truly relax. Angie Calero (ABC’s Gente & Estilo) writes:

Nine years have passed since Juan Betancourt packed his bags, left Cuba, and arrived in Spain. It was then that he began to first dabble as a model. He became one of the new star hires of Tom Ford and has since worked with models such as Irina Shayk and has shared spotlights with Amaia Salamanca. Although, due to his work, he does not stop traveling, Betancourt has made Madrid his base camp. At [Spanish department store] Corte Inglés, he received a visit from ABC to speak about Panos Emporio – the signature swimsuits that he represents, his next summer vacation, and his native Cuba. [. . .]

Betancourt says that [Cuba] is where he can relax the most: “I have no internet connection or contact with anyone. You do not have another choice, either or you disconnect or you disconnect.” That is why this summer he wants to take a special friend for a trip there to travel around the island ‘from one end to another.” Will your partner be model Rocío Crusset?  “Well, you never know,” he says with a shy smile, “Rocío is a very special friend” [. . .]. We are getting acquainted, she’s a lovely girl and I get along with her.”

For original article (in Spanish), see http://www.abc.es/estilo/gente/abci-juan-betancourt-pasado-jugar-futbol-sin-zapatillas-desfilar-zapatos-3000-euros-201705230313_noticia.html

See photo above and other articles at http://covermenmag.com/category/models/juan-betancourt/

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