The José Martí Museum


Cubaconecta recently featured the José Martí Museum [Museo Casa Natal de José Martí]—which honors the national hero of Cuba, who lived from January 28, 1853 to May 19, 1895). It is the oldest museum in Havana, Cuba.

Popularly called “La Casita de Martí” [Martí’s Little house], with its yellow walls and blue windows, the museum is located at 314 Leonor Pérez Street (named after the author’s mother) in Old Havana. It is in the home where he was born and it holds most of his possessions and treasured objects.

This prestigious heritage center, which receives more than sixty thousand visitors a year, was founded as a museum on January 28, 1925, thanks to the work carried out by journalist Arturo de Carricarte and other Cubans who pitched in ordering, collecting, and preserving documents, objects and other belongings of “the Apostle.”

It was declared a National Monument in 1949 by the then National Commission of Ethnology and Monuments. In 1953, the year of the centennial of José Martí’s birth, the museum underwent major restorations.

For source (in Spanish), see

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