Travel to the Colombian island that inspired Ondatrópica’s new album


A report from SDPB Radio.

The music of Colombia has long inspired people from across the world, but it holds a particular fascination for Will Holland, the British music producer better known as Quantic.

For years, he has worked with the Colombian bandleader, Mario Galeano, on a project called Ondatrópica, in which the pair lovingly re-examine and celebrate the country’s musical heritage.

“I would say to anyone who hasn’t heard the sound of Ondatrópica before that it is a re-imagination of Colombian tropical music,” Quantic says. “There’s so much richness that has gone overlooked over the years [in Colombian music] because there is just so much going on. And we hope to capture a little of that.”


Ondatrópica’s new album “Baile Bucanero” explores the music of one part of Colombia in particular — the small island of Old Providence (Isla de Providencia). Part of the English-speaking Caribbean, the island is at the crossroads of many different influences and styles, from calypso to cumbia.

Quantic and Galeano were keen to explore these all these influences, as well as some of the instruments typical of the island, ranging from mandolins to percussion instruments made out of a horse’s jaw, including the teeth.

“Very hard to play,” according to Quantic.

Baile Bucanero” is available from Soundway Records.

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