Seven years on, Haitians reflect on devastating earthquake


A report by Amanda Burke for Boston’s Globe.

The colorful bus, with “Merci” and “Amour” painted on its sides and images of lions flanking its cherry red bumper, motors through a crowded Haitian street.

The photograph of a “Tap-Tap,” the only method of public transportation on the impoverished Caribbean Island, is one of several pictures displayed at a new exhibit at the Cambridge Public Library commemorating the seventh anniversary of a devastating earthquake in Haiti.

“Resilience and Resistance” includes a half-dozen photographs of island’s recovery from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that displaced close to 1.5 million people in 2010. On Saturday, nearly 50 people gathered at the library to mark the opening with a mix of poetry and reflection.

“The power of art to get people closer to emotion, to their roots, and to their country, it’s more than the superficial imagery you get from Facebook, sensational reporting from the news media,” said Charlot Lucien, founder of the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts, which organized the exhibit. “Art is beyond mainstream media and social media.”

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