Glass Marcano: Conductor (A 1st in France)

[Many thanks to Eddy Firmin (MinoritART) for bringing this item to our attention.] Lola-Jeanne Cloquell writes that “Glass Marcano became the first black woman conductor of a symphony orchestra in France” [Glass Marcano devient la première femme noire cheffe d’orchestre symphonique en France], referring to Venezuelan conductor Gladysmarli Del Valle Vadel Marcano. Here are excerpts from Cloquell’s article (in RCI.FM) followed by the musician’s bio. For full article (in French) and video, visit RCI.FM.

From the markets of Venezuela to the Opéra de Tours, it is a meteoric rise worthy of a fairy tale—that of the young, 24-year-old Venezuelan. Praised by her colleagues, Glass Macano became on February 6 the first black woman to conduct a symphony orchestra in France.

Hair pulled back, glasses on her nose, white sneakers and jogging gear, Glass Marcano sits on a high stool. She does not hesitate to step down regularly to clarify her instructions, scores in hand.

The 24-year-old woman wields her wand with a wide gesture, never losing her broad smile. “Play this passage like waves on the sea!” she says to a musician in a mixture of French and English.

At the end of the rehearsals, the Venezuelan looks up to the gilding and red velvet of the Italian-style theater in Tours. “I’m living a daydream like in a movie,” she savors. “But, in this theater, I realize that it is indeed reality!” [. . .]

Biography (from Paris Mozart Orchestra): Gladysmarli Del Valle Vadel Marcano was born in San Felipe, Venezuela, in 1995. She began her musical studies at 4 years old within the children choirs and youth and children orchestras of Venezuela. Her musical instrument is the violin. At 8 years old she entered the Mescoli White Star Conservatory of Music where she learned musical theory and received individual violin lessons and orchestral practice. The following year she became a member of the San Felipe Youth Orchestra under the baton of maestro Diego Armando Guzmán.

In January 2006, she entered the Yaracuy Symphony Orchestra, and the Yaracuyana Youth Orchestra as a violinist and demonstrated good performance in the orchestra’s technical and artistic activities for six years. Her first experience in conducting was with the Yaracuyana Youth Orchestra during its 2012 tour in Columbia. She then started studying orchestral conducting in 2013 with Teresa Hernandez, at  the José Antonio Abreu School of Orchestral Conducting and at the Experimental University of the Arts under the baton of Alfredo Rugeles. She has trained with teachers such as Rodolfo Sanglimbeny, Pablo Catellanos, Miguel Ángel Monrroy, David Cukber and Dick Van Gasteren. She has attended violin master classes with Sergio Celis, Iraida Charito Mora, Pablo Vásquez, Eddy Marcano, Edgar Aponte, and Gerónimo Isturiz among others.

In 2018 she was named Director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Simón Bolívar Conservatory. She currently works as an itinerant conductor, and performs with orchestras such as Barloventeña Youth, Antonio José de Sucre Regional, Aragua Symphony, Yaracuyana Youth Symphony, Valencia Youth Symphony, Carabobo Symphony, Merida Symphony, Metropolitan Orchestra West, among others. She remains a student of maestros Alfredo Rugeles, Pablo Castellano and Rodolfo Sanglimbeny. Gladysmarli has also studied law at the Central University of Venezuela.

Excerpts translated from the French original by Ivette Romero. For full article, see

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