Exhibition: “Entre Islas” International Festival of Video Art


The II International Festival of Video Art [II Festival Internacional de Videoarte] is hosting the video art exhibition “Entre Islas” [Between (or Among) Islands], curated by Adonay Bermúdez (Spain) and organized by EspIRA/EspORA (Espacio para la Reflexión e Investigación Artística)/CCEN. Yesterday—November 3, 2016—was the official opening at UNICA’s María Auxiliadora Auditorium in Managua, Nicaragua, with presentations by Carlos Báez and Alejandro Belli.

Description: As part of the Permanent Training Program in the Cultural Sector, and with the aim to promote partnerships with other educational, cultural, artistic and actors of cooperation institutions, the Cultural Center of Spain in Nicaragua in collaboration with EspIRA/EspORA (Espacio para la Reflexión e Investigación Artística), will host three sessions in which EspIRA students will present and discuss the videos that make up the exhibition by the Video Art Festival “Entre Islas,”  in order to make visible the formal aspects of audiovisual language and its dissemination.

This shows in two versions has been directed by curator and cultural manager Adonay Bermudez (Spain).

About the “Entre Islas” Festival of Video Art:  The “Entre Islas” International Video Art Festival emerges as an initiative to connect internationally artistic values from different culturally distinct geographical areas through the language of video art.  The artistic connection is established by the common theme of archipelagic life and interrogations about territory. The wealth of themes offered by this social and cultural exchange includes topics such as migration, borders, identity, and concepts of homeland or regionality.

Different curators, selected from diverse areas, selected a work by an island artist. Thus, in the first edition the exhibition featured works from the Balearic Islands, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, Cuba, Taiwan, and Haiti. After the excellent feedback received from this first edition, it was decided to continue and promote a second edition with the participation of new islands/archipelagos, gradually generating an island network on an international scale.

In this new edition, curator Vítor Magalhães (Madeira, Portugal) presents the work of Martinho Mendes; Serena Ribaudo shows a part of the Sicilian collective Canecapovolto; Canary Island curator Adonay Bermúdez displays a work by Moneiba Lemes; Rob Garrett chose a video from New Zealander Bronwyn Holloway-Smith and Simon Ward; Leyla Dunia opted for Venezuelan artists Luis Mata and Juan Carlos Portillo; and from Puerto Rico, Sofía S. Reeser del Río displays the artistic analysis of Jason Mena.

The International Video Art Festival has generated an international dialogue that aims to cast a critical look at the concept of location “between/among islands” [entre islas].

Exhibition pieces:

Madeira (Portugal): Belladonna (2015). Curator: Vítor Magalhães. Artist: Martinho Mendes

Sicilia (Italia): Having Fun Not Learning (2015). Curator: Serena Ribaudo. Artists: Canecapovolto

Canarias (España): First we take Berlin [?] (2014). Curator: Adonay Bermúdez. Artist: Moneiba Lemes

Nueva Zelanda: Destination Pioneer City (2012). Curator: Rob Garrett. Artists: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith and Simon Ward

Isla Margarita (Venezuela): Buscando horizontes (2013). Curator: Leyla Dunia. Artists: Luis Mata and Juan Carlos Portillo

Puerto Rico: Meaningless work (2005). Curator: Sofía S. Reeser del Rio. Artist: Jason Mena.

For more information, see http://ccenicaragua.org/2016/11/03/videoarte-entre-islas-unica/

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