Industry official says Haiti’s ban on DR products is illegal

g-15156Campos de Moya, President of the Dominican Republic Industries Association, has called a ban implemented by Haiti on over twenty products from the Dominican Republic “illegal and contrary to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WHO).” The move by Haitian officials was meant to support domestic production and tax revenues.

However, AIRD President Campos de Moya, said while the situation with neighbouring Haiti is of concern “we should not be hurling allegations and creating uproars with a country which we need to be in peace and cooperation.”

Haiti is Dominican Republic’s second most important export market, but as a result of the ban, bilateral trade fell by US$400 million.

On Thursday, Industry and Commerce minister José del Castillo revealed that Haiti has expanded the ban, which now includes chicken soup and flours from the Dominican Republic.

Haiti’s unilateral executive order to ban the entry of products from the Dominican Republic from crossing the border overland came into effect in October 2015, bringing to a halt 88.72% of the US$467.9 million yearly trade between the two countries.

The ban has placed a dent in trade, particularly at the bilateral market held on Mondays and Fridays.

The ban was enacted despite the Dominican Government’s request that Haiti to “rethink” the measure, and the European Union’s warning of an impending jump of 40% on the price of foods and other items in Haiti.

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