Cuba Journal Reviews Cayo Coco


In “Here’s the Amazing Resort Area of Cayo Coco, Cuba,” Cuba Journal (31 July 2016) reviews the spectacular resort area on the key named Cayo Coco. Here are excerpts with a link to the original here and below.

Cayo Coco (or “Coco Key” in English) is an island in north central Cuba that is best known for its all­inclusive resorts. It is located in Ciego de Ávila Province and is part of a chain of islands called Jardines del Rey (“King’s Gardens”). The cay is administered by the Morón municipality and is named after the white ibis, a local bird called coco (coconut) birds. The island’s long white beaches and remote location have been a major attraction since it was first developed in the 1980s.

The causeway linking Cayo Coco to the mainland is 17 miles long and runs across Perros Bay (Bahia de Perros). It took 16 months to build and required 110 million cubic feet of stone. The causeway stirred controversy among environmentalists because it disturbed the tidal flow, thus changing the salinity and temperature of the water. A number of gaps were created in the causeway to restore some water flow. Wild flamingos still live in the shallow waters of the bay and can often be seen from the causeway. Two short causeways link Cayo Coco to Cayo Guillermo (to the west) and Cayo Romano (to the east).

Still largely wild with swamps and scrub land populated by wild cattle, the islands have attracted about a dozen large international hotels developments totaling about 5,000 rooms. The Jardines del Rey project plans to expand to 32,000 rooms. Massive coral reef off the north coast attracts divers from around the world. [. . .]

The Jardines served as Ernest Hemingway’s favorite retreat while in Cuba – and a source of background setting for his writing. [. . .]

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