New Book: Gillian Royes’ “The Rhythm of the August Rain”


Somehow, we had lost track of the Shad Series by Gillian Royes [see our previous posts Gillian Royes: The Writer Who Turns Both Cheeks and Is exile really a necessity for Jamaican writers?: An Editorial from Jamaica’s Observer]. Many thanks to writer Lasana M. Sekou for bringing this item to our attention. Gillian Royes latest installment in the series—her fourth book featuring sleuth names Shad Myers—is The Rhythm of the August Rain, published in July 2015. The previous three were The Goat Woman of Largo Bay (2011), The Man Who Turned Both Cheeks (2012), and The Sea Grape Tree (2014).

Description: Shad Myers, the loveable bartender and town sleuth of Largo Bay, hunts down clues to a woman’s mysterious disappearance in this fourth riveting novel in the Shad detective series.

Shannon, a photojournalist on assignment for a Canadian magazine, arrives in the impoverished but beautiful fishing village of Largo Bay, Jamaica. But she’s seeking more than a tropical paradise: She wants to know why a Canadian woman named Katlyn went missing there more than three decades ago. So she calls on Shad—“bartender by trade, investigator by vocation, and unofficial sheriff of Largo Bay” (Publishers Weekly)—for help. Together, they delve into Rastafarian life and history while preparations are being made for Shad’s wedding and the groundbreaking of his new hotel. But the deeper they get into the story, the deeper they get into trouble. And it’s clear that whoever wanted Katlyn buried all those years ago will do anything to keep the truth buried as well…

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