Call for Submissions: 8th Havana Times Photography Contest “Cuba 2016”


Havana Times (HT) recently announced a call for submissions for their 8th photography contest—“Cuba 2016.” Since 2009, HT has launched this call every year to better represent different perspectives of Cuba by their readers. The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2016 (photos must be taken in Cuba).

Contest Rules

  1. Professional and amateur photographers of all ages and of any nationality may participate.
  2. Each participant may submit up to three (3) photos in each of the first five categories, and between 3 and 10 for the special category “Historias” [Stories].
  3. The photos, which must have been taken in Cuba, must fit into the following categories: 1) Family; 2) Cuban Inventions; 3) Landscapes; 4) Children; 5) Machismo; and 6) “Historias” (for this category, participants may send 3-10 images). Photos should be labeled in the order indicated.
  4. Photographs should be sent in .jpg format with a maximum size of 800 x 600 pixels. They may be horizontal or vertical. The titles of the photos should be the category in which they compete, beginning with #1. (For example: Family 1, Family 2, Family 3.)
  5. Each image must be accompanied by a short caption in a list with all the captions. For instance: Family 1 – A party with my neighbors; Family 2 – An unusual family; Familia 3 – My family friends; Cuban inventions 1 – Washing machine motor adapted to a bicycle; Cuban inventions 2 – Toilet paper with printed news; Cuban inventions 3 – Home lighting equipment.
  6. Submissions: Photos should be sent as attachments and not embedded in the email message. Send your photos to
  7. The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2016.
  8. During the selection process, Havana Times will publish photos by semifinalists and finalists as well as winning photos.
  9. Participation in the competition implies the authors’ acceptance that photos submitted will be included in the HT archives and may be used in the Havana Times and social networks where HT is present, with due credit to the author and without profit.

Prizes: The winning photo in each category will receive a prize of $75 USD. Among the finalists’ images, there will be a special mention awarded in each category. The award money will be coordinated with the winners via email. The award results of the contest will be announced before November 7, 2016, through HT. This decision will be final. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of each and every one of the contest rules. (HT is entitled to resolve any contingency not previously envisaged by the rules.)

Jury: The jury will be composed of a minimum of 20 people, including photographers, contributors, friends of Havana Times, and several guest readers.

For any inquiries or more information, contact

[Photo above: “El Prado de La Habana” by Caridad]

For more information (in Spanish), see

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