Cuban Writer Dora Alonso Evoked in Her 105th Birthday Anniversary

armando morales (2).jpg

With a monthly exhibition titled Dora Alonso, a Woman of Great Human Sensitivity, cultural authorities in Matanzas, Cuba, are paying tribute to the 105th birthday anniversary of the famous writer.

The exhibit includes Dora Alonso’s personal belongings, photos and books, and is shown at the Constantino Barredo Museum of Perico municipality, some 165 km center-east of Havana.

Doralina de la Caridad Alonso Perez, one of the most important writers for children and youngsters, was born in the locality of Maximo Gomez, in Perico, in 1910. She died in 2001.

She was awarded numerous recognitions like the National Poetry Award, the National Literature Award and the Jose Marti World Children’s Literature Prize.

Researcher Caridad Agara.said that “Dora Alonso shared her creation with journalism at a time of social struggles, and suffered hardships because of her revolutionary and political affiliation and the situation the country was going through in the 30s.”

Her works are marked by a simple style full of emotions and narrative quality that served as inspiration for television serials and the national puppet Pelusin Del Monte.

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