Poetry for a Cause: “Oscar—Hecho de poesía”


“Oscar—Hecho de poesía” [Oscar—Made of Poetry] is an event in support of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera. The event entails 33 hours of poetry readings for López Rivera calling for his release and further bringing attention to this cause. “Oscar—Hecho de poesía” will run from Friday, November 14, at 10:00am until Saturday, November 15, at 7:00pm in front to the Federal Court, located on Chardón Avenue in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

More than 100 poets have confirmed their participation in this marathon poetry happening sponsored by El Post Antillano, Radio Vieques, and Poetas en Marcha.

To confirm your attendance, write to wpv49@yahoo.com, nestylibre@gmail.com, and marioantoniorosa@hotmai.com

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