Music: The Subnotics’ Bob Marley Birthday Bash


The Subnotics’ Bob Marley Birthday Bash takes place on February 9, 2013, 10:00pm at the River Street Jazz Café (667 North River Street, Plains, Pennsylvania). In “Subnotics connect with reggae roots,” Karyn Montigney speaks about reggae, undeniable talent, and the group’s ideas of “social consciousness and love through the power of music.” She writes:

[. . .] It’s not too often that you come across nine individually talented members of a group who all share a love for the same type of music. The Subnotics are all roots reggae fanatics and support the ideas of social consciousness and love through the power of music. They have an “undeniable energy and chemistry” that has been present between all the members from the very beginning. With influences like Toots and the Maytals, Peter Tosh, and Jacob Miller, the nine-man reggae group flourishes with both their original music as well in tribute sets to Bob Marley. The band feels that they have a special connection with reggae.

“No other music has hit my soul like reggae music has,” said Mark Klepaski, bass player. “It’s my medicine. Some of the sweetest, most clever bass lines are rooted in reggae music.” Having nine members is a bit hectic, though, at least when it comes to coordinating schedules. Most of the members are also a part of other bands, which makes everyone’s schedules tight. With the dedication and love for the project, though, time is no match for the band.

[. . .] The River Street Jazz Café is a regular stop for the Subnotics. This Saturday, though, fans of the group can expect a special event. In remembrance of reggae legend Bob Marley, the Subnotics will be hosting a Birthday Bash. They will be joined by their good friend, DJ Deisis-I, for a night of great music and fun. The Subnotics encourage fans to bring a can of food to the show. All cans collected will be donated to the CEO/Weinberg Regional Food Bank “in the spirit of love and social consciousness.”

Having such a wide array of influences has tremendously helped the band with writing their first album. Terpak explained how the band works as a democracy. “We all really respect each other as musicians and all the individual ideas that are presented. We are as diverse as the music that we play, so that gives us a lot of experience to draw inspiration from.”

The Subnotics are currently working on their first album, with a release date yet to be decided. The band is expecting to release a single from the album in early spring.

[Photo by Michael Lee Vincent.]

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