ICS Lecture: Violence and Democratic Security in the Dominican Republic

As part of the Conferencias Caribeñas 11 Series, the Institute of Caribbean Studies of the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras (UPR-RP) invites the academic community and the general public to the lecture “Violencia y seguridad democrática en República Dominicana” [Violence and Democratic Security in the Dominican Republic] by Dr. Lilian Bobea (Visiting Researcher, Institute of Caribbean Studies, UPR-RP). Dr. Jorge Rodríguez Beruff (Department of Social Sciences, UPR-RP) will comment the lecture.

The activity will be held on Thursday, October 11, 2012, from 1:00 to 3:30pm at the Manuel Maldonado Denis Amphitheatre in the Carmen Rivera de Alvarado Building (CRA 108), School of the Social Sciences, UPR-RP.

Description: Currently, the rise of common and complex crime, violence and corruption are critical challenges to governments and Latin American and Caribbean societies. In most cases, corrupt governments used to justify criminality tough policies that undermine democracy and human rights. Concomitantly, national and transnational networks of crime challenge the capacities of governments institutionally weaker, recreating daily confrontation between the public and private criminal who could be described as a “crime” organized versus disorganized states in Latin America and the Caribbean. The discussion and analysis of the Dominican experience to explore national and transnational factors that propel the rapid growth and dynamic entities associated with the growing illicit drug trafficking and organized violence in! the last two, and strategic responses designed by the current government to confront these trends.

This lecture will be broadcast LIVE online through the following website: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cc71***

Comments and suggestions on the presentation will be welcome at iec-ics@upr.edu

For further information, you may call Dr. Humberto García Muñiz, Director, at (787) 764-0000, extension 4212, or write to iec@uprrp.edu

Also see the Institute of Caribbean Studies on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#%21/pages/Instituto-de-Estudios-del-Caribe-UPR/146169468754542?ref=sgm

Image from http://www.pmi.com/eng/about_us/charitable_giving/domestic_violence/pages/domestic_violence.aspx

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