Peter Josie Brings Caribbean Politics to the Forefront in ‘Shattered Dreams’

The retelling of the ups and downs of an emerging political party in a contested land are explained in the new book ‘Shattered Dreams’

Political turmoil brings a life and death situation for the small political party – St. Lucia Labor Party (SLP) – that hopes to mend a broken country in Peter Josie’s new book “Shattered Dreams: A Political Odyssey in Post-Independent St Lucia” (published by Trafford Publishing).

After spending 15 years in the wilderness, the SLP emerges and takes over the Caribbean island’s political system. After three years of intense bickering, shadow puppeteering and fighting within themselves, the party collapses and the top individuals must fight to stay alive as the political climate changes.

Josie shows how the rise to power, on sister island Grenada, of the People’s Revolutionary Government, under Marxist Maurice Bishop in 1979, influenced superpower involvement in the affairs of the Caribbean islands which could have contributed to the demise of the SLP party.

Victor Marquis, editor for Voice Publishing Company, comments:

“From the protest marches in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad over the banning of History lecturer Walter Rodney from Mona, Jamaica, to the marchers against the hi-jacking of political independence in Saint Lucia, Peter Josie was always in the fray. To relive with intensity the significance of the events of that historic era, there is no better vehicle that the book, ‘Shattered Dreams’ written and published by Josie.”

About the Author
Peter Josie resides in the West Indies. He was a key player in St. Lucia’s politics for over 20 years and rose to become a member of Parliament, Cabinet minister and then leader of the Labor Party.

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